All Zwift Keyboard Shortcuts (list and printable PDF)

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All Zwift keyboard shortcuts

Hey guys, if you’re looking for all the Zwift keyboard shortcuts you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a great list you can print out. It shows you all the keyboard shortcuts for Zwift. So if you manage to keep your keyboard close to the bike you can easily use it to wave at other people, give a “ride on”, switch the camera angles or chat, to name a few features. I recommend printing out the PDF and keeping it close to you for easy reference. You won’t have time to think when you’re riding hard so we’re making it easy for you 🙂 There aren’t too many so of course you´ll memorize the ones you use most after a while.

A list of all keyboard shortcuts for Zwift (PDF at the bottom)

Function Keys (for rider actions)

F1: Stick out elbow
F2: Wave hand
F3: “Ride On!”
F4: “Hammer Time!”
F5: “Nice!”
F6: “Bring It!”
F7: “I’m toast”
F8: Bike bell
F10: Screen Capture/Photo

Number Keys (These are for switching camera angles)

1: Default 6 o’clock view
2: Third person view
3: First person shooter perspective
4: To the side front-left of the rider
5: Rear view from the right of the rear wheel
6: Head on to the rider
7: Spectator view
8: Helicopter view
9: Bird’s eye view
0: Panorama version of current view

Other Keys you can use on Zwift

  • Esc: Brings up the “End Ride Screen.” Hit again to go back to the game
  • T: Bring up customize the rider screen (change bike, equipment, jerseys, etc)
  • A: Device pairing screen
  • U: Unit toggle (metric or imperial)
  • L: locks/logs out of Zwift
  • M: Group Message window
  • E: Bring up workout selection screen
  • CMD + DOWN Arrow: Perform a u-turn
  • Spacebar: use power-ups


All Zwift keyboard shortcuts
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