Zwift just released an awesome new expansion before new years!

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Watopia underwater tunnel on oceanic route, cool expansion

Watopia expansion!

I’m stuck at work but I see news of the expansion posted all over Facebook and can’t WAIT to get home and check it out!

So apparently when you log on now you can choose “flat”, “hills”, “group”, or “surprise me”. From what I gather, “hills” is the good old Watopia route we’re used to riding, but “flat” is the new oceanic expansion route! If you want to change your mind you can switch routes when you get closer to an intersection. You can use your keyboard or the mobile link to choose what way you’d like to go. I also saw a little teaser, a blocked road and a sign next to it with a picture of a mountain! So I guess that means there’ll be an expansion for a crazy climbing route on Watopia soon. Sounds tough.

Watopia mountain route, coming soon!

The Oceanic route looks pretty cool!

The mountains are getting snowy and you get to ride underwater in some sort of a tunnel. I’ve also seen a screenshot of someone riding on a dirt road and it looks awesome.

Watopia underwater tunnel on oceanic route, cool expansion

Watopia dirt road path with dust, cool expansion

Changes to workouts

From what I gather you can now skip blocks in workout mode, pause the workouts and resume them. I don’t have a smart trainer yet (it’s on its way, yay) but I know some people have been complaining about not being able to change the resistance when they’re not in ERG mode. Now you can simply use the mobile link (or keyboard +/- buttons) to control the resistance. If Kylo Ren had the Zwift mobile link he’d be so happy.

Now make this day go by faster!

I need to get home and test the new stuff but this day is soooo slow at work. It’s the last work day before New Years so nobody’s really focusing on anything.

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