Zwift break yesterday, helmet contest today

Zwift training log
Zwift in the new year challenges

Zwift in the new year challengesZwift in the new year contests

I really love the “Zwift in the new year” competition Zwift has on their Facebook page. I’ve already participated in 2 of them. The first challenge was to finish a workout, so I continued with my 6 week FTP builder program and did day 2. It went really well and I even had some energy to spare when it was over and instead of a 10 minute cool down I went all out. The prize wasn’t too shabby, a Cycleops PowerSync trainer, I hope it went to someone who needed it. The second challenge was to simply connect the Zwift mobile link while riding. So I kinda cheated and turned the game on, connected with my mobile (Galaxy S4) without problems and rode maybe half a kilometer just to get qualified. The prize was really cool, again. A stages Cycling Power Meter.

So today there won’t be any cheating. All I gotta do for a chance to win a Giro helmet is to ride on Zwift with my (virtual) helmet on, and I do it anyway. Hmmm, why do I ride with a helmet on in a game? I´ll tell you why. The hairdo sucks! I haven’t decided if I´ll do a workout or just laps, we´ll see how good my knee is and if I have any energy left after work. Getting back to work after Christmas is hard! I’m so sleepy I added a double espresso to my regular cup of coffee when I got in.

Zwift is doing a new contest every day until January 4th and I think it’s really encouraging for getting on the bike after all the Christmas food, ugh.

Goals for 2016

I still haven’t set any goals for 2016 and I really need to start thinking about them. I´ll definitely set a weight goal and a cycling goal, both for outdoor riding and Zwift training.

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