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TacX Vortex smart trainer Tour de France edition for Zwift

1 week on Zwift with the Tacx Vortex

TacX Vortex Smart Trainer for ZwiftIt’s been a week now since we got the TACX ProForm Vortex Smart T2180 TDF Edition + Holder for Tablet T2092Tacx Vortex smart trainer for Zwift and I’ve been having fun raking in the kilometers.

Since I first tried the Vortex, I realized that THIS is how Zwift is meant to be played. Don’t get me wrong, because using a “dumb” trainer is fun too, but compared with our CycleOps Fluid2 Training KitCycleops Fluid 2 trainer it’s a whole different experience. Like when riding in the hilly (is that a word?) terrain after the sprint section on Watopia, it’s really awesome to feel the resistance either increase or loosen up. It’s a lot like riding outdoors, you get to increase the watts significantly if you keep up your cadence when going uphill, which is not something you will get with a dumb trainer unless you spin like a crazy person. Plus it also gives you a little “break” after trying to take on the KOM / QOM on the descent since the resistance loosens up. With a dumb trainer the difficulty is always the same and no breaks.

How the Tacx Vortex watts come out in Zwift

I’ve been getting PRs all week and increased my FTP from 251 to 333 the day after I got the Tacx Vortex. Some of it I can thank the new trainer as it’s easier to hold better average watts higher, and some of it’s because I’ve been putting in the work since end of November. With increased resistance when riding uphill I’m able to hold 4-500w steady for a few minutes and it’s easier to keep a decent pace after I give it my all for that KOM.

So, what’s the verdict?

All in all I would recommend upgrading your dumb trainer to a smart one if you are into riding on Zwift and want to keep up with everyone on the faster rides.

If you feel like you’re doing worse in the game than you are in the real meat world (that’s what it felt like for me), definitely give it a go.

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