Still sick and haven’t trained for over a week

Zwift training log
I'm sick and can't ride on Zwift

What’s up with being sick?

Ok, this sick stuff is pretty bad. I still have a cold, a very sore throat and a cough. I haven’t been on Zwift since 4th of January, so that’s 9 days and counting. All I’ve done is ask my husband to help me set up the new clipless pedals and tried the new TacX Vortex trainer for all of 3 minutes or so until I nearly passed out.

New shoes and pedals, yay

I was lucky, ordered cycling shoes online and they fit perfectly, can’t wait to have a better try. I feel I have to adjust the height and position of the saddle, seem a little off after the new pedals and shoes. I´ll have to get a perfect fit because my knees are messed up and will only hurt more if something’s off.

So please, please, please, I have to get better soon

It’s not looking good at the moment. I feel exactly the same as I did yesterday, and the day before, and the day before ………. ugh 🙁 My husband’s taking good care of me and I’m not severely miserable, it’s not high fever and severe pain, more like discomfort and a low grade fever. I saw a doctor 5 days ago and he said it’s a virus and it still hadn’t caused an infection anywhere so antibiotics are pointless. However, if this doesn’t start to clear up I´ll have to go see him again soon. I know viruses can last a long time but if there’s an infection somewhere I need to have it taken care of quickly because my immune system is compromised.

So, fingers crossed it´ll all be over soon and I´ll be back on the bike. I bet my FTP is down and I´ll be sore as hell after the first ride but I´ll have to be hard on myself and continue.

I'm sick and can't ride on Zwift
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