Snowy icy meat world after warm and cozy Zwift

Zwift training log
Snow in the real world, Reykjavík Iceland. Zwift is warmer

Been riding a lot on Zwift in December and wanted to see how much affect it has in the meat world. After not riding outside since December 3rd I overhauled my trusty cyclocross bike. I gave it a new chain, new bearings and adjusted the gears last night. The weather was not I was expecting this morning, quite windy and it had snowed over night. As I cycled to work in loose salty snow and ice I felt how stronger my legs are and how my stamina was better thanks to Zwift. I Managed to keep a good average speed of 26.6 km/h to work, which is very good considering the circumstances, a heavy bike and studded CX tires with 30 psi. For comparison I average about 33-34 km/h on my racer with slicks over the summer.

Zwift will make my summer awesome

I’m really looking forward to continuing training indoors and seeing more gains both in Zwift and the meat world.

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