New Watopia expansion: review after the first ride

Zwift training log
Watopia dirt road path with dust, cool expansion

So I finally got home from work (+ doctor and post office) and what do you know, my husband was riding so I had to wait to ride on the new Watopia after expansion! Like a good little cheerleader I sat down and watched him ride his third circle on the oceanic flat route. First impression: really nice track šŸ™‚

Best features of the expansion

The tunnels are cool and I love the dirt road. When I finally got to ride I saw a huge group at the starting line so I waited a bit and rolled out with them. Most of them seemed to be competing and I can only do like 1.5 – 2.0 w/kg for a whole lapĀ so they of course rode past me in no time but it was fun to be a part of a huge group even if only for 20 seconds. The dirt road was my favorite because I disappeared in a huge cloud of dirt when riders passed me, it was pretty funny. The little teaser with the mountain sign and blocked road got me very excited for what’s to come.

I think that in 1-2 years Zwift will be really versatile and have a lot of great features. I love the enthusiasm from the developers that shines through. The expansion shows that they’re clearly thinking about details, game play and how users can get the best experience while training. Compared to other training software, Zwift is the new gold standard!

I couldn’t test the new exercise features today but I think that being able to pause and resume will be nice.

Worst features of the expansion

Users constantly posting absolutely horrific puns that involved the sea.

4 week Zwift anniversary today!

I looked at the calendar on Strava and notice it’s been 4 weeks since I first tried Zwift. I had NOT been riding or doing any exercise for years apart from a couple of outdoor rides last summer, so I was a complete n00b, and still am. It’s safe to say I’ve improved a lot in just 4 weeks. My first ride was on Watopia, I did 1 lapĀ at 26.4 km/h and was DYING afterwards. Seriously, it took a loooong time to recover. Well, now, 4 weeks later I rode 2 lapsĀ at 28.2 km/h and didn’t feel like death.

My health

I could have done another lap but my knees are acting up, I can feel them swelling up. I don’t know if I have to adjust the bike or if it’s my arthritis (ankylosing spondylitis) bugging me. My right hand is visibly swollen, specially around the thumb and on the back of the hand but that started before I started riding in the beginning of December so I don’t think the swelling is caused by riding. I try not to think about it too much but I do sometimes fear that my illness might be a hindrance in the long run. I might need more rest days than I want to take. I’m not gonna let it stop me from reaching my goals in 2016 though! I can’t do any other kind of exercise and I’m hooked on Zwift so IĀ“ll have to make it work.

Riding the Zwift expansion with ankylosing spondylitis
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