Metric Century on zwift – Finally I did it!

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Metric century on Zwift - achievement unlocked

It’s been a few days since I last posted but I’ve been busy riding and working. My endurance and strength are increasing and the weight is going in the right direction after bulking season (milk and cookie month). 2 kilos down in 6 days, but probably mostly water weight. Riding numbers for the year so far: 204 km including my first Zwift metric century!

My metric century ride on Zwift

When I started I was aiming for the 40 km achievement but decided to go for the 100 km since I had some extra time and felt good after the first 40. My aim was to do it at 2 w/kg steady and not to rush it. It was surprisingly fun and not that hard. The trick is to hydrate before and during the ride along with eating enough to keep your energy levels up.

Hydration is important

I drank around 2 liters of liquid with caffeine and electrolytes and was hand-fed some leftover lasagna by Zwift-Lady 🙂 I also had some leftover cookies from Christmas which came in handy at the 70 km mark.

My heart rate during the ride

As the ride progressed my heart rate was rising slowly but steadily. After settling in the 2 w/kg for 10 km my HR was 129 and then gradually went up to 171 at the end of the ride. I felt really strong at the 90 km mark, increased the power and did a couple of attempts for the green jersey in Watopia, but only managed 11th overall. I ended up doing the century on 03:10:10 with an average speed of 32.1 km/h.

Is my trainer making me slower than I should be?

I’m planning on doing a comparison regarding wattage and overall difficulty  between the Cyclops Fluid 2 trainer and and Tacx Vortex (that I though would arrive yesterday but still isn’t here). Basically the test involves riding the same distance and spinning the same cadence in the same gear I was in. I have a funny feeling that the Cyclops Fluid 2 is under wattaged in Zwift. From what I’ve been reading on the internet it seems that its up to 60 watts under what other trainers are giving in Zwift. It will be interesting to see the difference and experience how a smart trainer feels in Zwift.

And hopefully… !

The next post will be about my first impressions of the Tacx Vortex! (Tour de France edition for extra speed 😛 )

Metric century on Zwift - achievement unlocked
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