Is the TacX Vortex a good smart trainer for Zwift?

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TacX Vortex smart trainer Tour de France edition for Zwift

Yes, let’s buy all the things!

TacX Vortex Smart Trainer for ZwiftWe’ve been pondering what is a good smart trainer for Zwift (considering our budget). Ok, so after a little googling and checking out comments on the Zwift-related Facebook groups we decided to buy a TACX ProForm Vortex Smart T2180 TDF Edition + Holder for Tablet T2092. We’re getting the Tour de France edition, so it’s yellow instead of blue and includes a tablet holder which we don’t need, but I think that’s pretty much the only difference.

Cycleops Fluid 2 trainer we use for Zwift currentlyOur current trainer

What we have right now is a CycleOps Fluid2 Training Kit not-so-smart (I don’t want to say dumb, because it’s actually a great trainer) trainer.

The reasons why we’re switching:

  • We want to try a SMART trainer that changes the resistance level automatically. We think it´ll be a more fun experience on Zwift.
  • Our current trainer is bugging us, because it’s supposed to be at 250 watts while riding at 20 mph, but according to Zwift it’s only 215-220 watts at 20 mph.

The first reason is quite understandable considering we’re both technology and gadget freaks and like to switch things up and try different things. We both play computer games and tend to get a little carried away (ok, obsessed if you must know) with being the best at games and, well everything.

The second reason some people might not understand. I mean, if we’re trying harder than everybody else to keep up on Zwift, it simply means that we´ll be in better shape when summer finally comes in Iceland, right? Yes, right. But we won’t be doing as great in the game! Maybe it’s silly, I know some people will understand our point because they love Zwift like we do and take it seriously, but some won’t and that’s fine.

We want our effort to accurately show in the game, and we feel that with the Cycleops it doesn’t. We’re not into “cheating” on Zwift, like setting our weight lower than it is or anything like that, but getting the watts more accurate will be more fun for us.

We’re only getting 1 trainer for now, so we´ll have to keep switching bikes on the trainers like filthy peasants but we kind of don’t have any room for 2 anyway.

Is the TacX Vortex a good smart trainer for Zwift?

If anyone has comments and would like to share their experience with the TacX Vortex, please do! 🙂 I’d very much like to know if it’s a good smart trainer for Zwift. I know it’s probably not the best (since it’s not the most expensive hehe) but I want to know how it compares with other smart trainers, and any input is appreciated.

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