Sick and can’t train today (or can I?) – jealousy rising

Zwift training log
simponi biologic drug for ankylosing spondylitis - zwift training

At the moment I’m sick and going absolutely crazy. My husband, dear old Zwift-Rider (you can find some of his posts on the blog), is riding on Zwift like a mad man AND he did a metric century yesterday.

What about me?

I’m sick 🙁 Two of our daughters have been sick since before New Years, with sore throat, fever etc. Every 4 weeks I need a shot of so called biologic drugs for my Ankylosing Spondylitis (horrible autoimmune arthritis in the spine, hips etc). They turn down my body’s immune response and to increase their effects I take a so called DMARD drug, sort of like low dose chemotherapy, every day. Those lower the immune response too, so I take two immunosuppressant drugs and need to be careful around sick people.

What on earth was I thinking then?

Well, I can’t really avoid my kids in our 100 square meter apartment and I’m their mom so I have to take care of them, I guess 😛 So that’s what I did. But what I didn’t realize was that my biologic drug shot was last Saturday and I should probably have postponed it until after the girls got better. I honestly just didn’t think about it, maybe I’ve gotten a little careless because since I started taking the biologics in 2011 I haven’t really been sick a lot.

But then yesterday I woke up feeling like utter crap. Sore throat, tired, dizzy, headache. No fever though! I was almost crawling around all day yesterday, whining like a baby and had to sit and watch my husband do his metric century, me not able to train.

I feel better today and even went to work. I didn’t feel really well but went anyway and now I’m trying to rest. But the sound of the bike, and knowing that my husband’s training, is driving me crazy with jealousy. I’m trying to lose weight and feel like I MUST train.

So here I am, sick …

Wondering if I should do a quick and easy lap on Watopia or not. Knowing me, the quick lap will not be enough. I have to be careful with my lungs because pneumonia can be very serious so shortly after a shot. I also have this weird swelling on the back of my hand. Argh. I´ll wait for 20 minutes and see if the urge passes.

To be continued …

sick: simponi biologic drug for ankylosing spondylitis - zwift training
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