I keep surprising myself on Zwift, so proud and happy

Zwift training log
Great success on Zwift

I’m working on an article about Zwift-addiction, it’s getting serious for me. Of course I’m kidding, I love my Zwift-addiction and think it has to be better than other addictions as long as I don’t overdo it 🙂

I wasn’t going to ride today

This is a first for me. I don’t like working out. I hate gyms and I haven’t found any exercise I like except Crossfit, but that’s way to hard for me. I gave it a shot for 2 months but my knees and back gave out even if I did the easiest possible version of the WOD’s. Like Crossfit, Zwift has this really fun quality of encouraging me to challenge myself while competing with others. But not in a harsh, seriously competitive way (unless I want to) but a really fun and uplifting way. I can compare myself to other riders and see how I’m progressing but still do my own thing. I really love it.

Like today. I wasn’t going to ride but after seeing everyone on Facebook talking about how many people were riding and seeing people getting serious after the holidays, I decided to do a Watopia lap.

3 laps (and what should have been a green jersey) later ..

I stepped of my bike, so happy and feeling accomplished. I was only going to ride 1 lap because I felt tired. Then decided to do 2. Then, even if I was REALLY tired, why not do a third one and try to be a little faster? Yeah. When I was getting close to the sprint I told my husband (Zwift-rider) who was watching, “there’s no freaking way I’m doing the sprint, I feel like death.” But when I got closer I thought I might have a little energy left in the tank and went all out. Much to my surprise I got the nr. 1 spot for the women! Mind you, I’m 92 kg’s (202 lbs) and was in absolutely no shape 4 weeks ago when I started riding, so I think that’s pretty good. Granted, there are fewer women than men riding so it’s a little easier to get the nr. 1 spot but whatever, I’m very pleased!

Great success on Zwift

But no, shame on Zwift

I know they’re working on it, but it’s pretty lame that the women can’t get the orange and green jerseys unless they beat the men too. It’s understandable that this features isn’t a priority since women are the minority on Zwift and I know the developers have a lot on their plate but I still think this should be higher on the priority list.


Nothing beats that feeling of accomplishment when you told yourself you weren’t going to exercise but then went on to do a lot more than you normally do 🙂 Ride on!

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