I finally tried the Tacx Vortex on Zwift and have mixed feelings

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Sad panda sucked on Zwift with Tacx Vortex

So my flu is finally almost gone

I’m still not 100%. Runny nose, a cough here and there. But I’ve been at work for a couple of days, so I got that going for me, which is nice. Yesterday I decided I’d try the new trainer even if I wasn’t feeling completely ok, I just couldn’t wait longer. My husband has already given his review of our new Tacx Vortex smart trainer and I was eager to test it out along with my new shoes and clipless pedals.

TLDR: I sucked

Long version: I don’t know if it was because I hadn’t trained in over 2 weeks or if it was due to the lingering illness, the trainer settings or something else, but man oh man did I suck. I only did 1 flat Watopia lap and while I wasn’t really exhausted after it, my time was terrible and my wattage was really low. I was furious because my husband immediately broke all his Zwift records on the Vortex compared to our old trainer, Cycleops Fluid 2. So of course I thought I wouldn’t do so terrible, but I did.

My w/kg on the Tacx Vortex

Before I got sick I was doing around 2-2.5 w/kg on a good day, yesterday…. 1.1 🙁 My FTP was 195, yesterday it was 101.

So who sucks, me or the trainer?

I hope it’s me, because I can improve myself but not the trainer. My husband thinks it’s me (or rather the flu and lack of training (I hope (or else he’s dead))) and I agree. Maybe it has something to do with the trainer settings. I felt like at certain resistance the wheel was spinning on the trainer and not gripping but I might be wrong. And compared to our old trainer, I felt the watts simply weren’t registering correctly and seriously low even if I was riding hard, at least by my standard which I admit isn’t very high.

Of course I´ll give it more time

I think I´ll give myself at least 2-3 weeks post-flu to get used to the Tacx Vortex smart trainer and by then the comparison to the old trainer will be more accurate. Maybe I´ll find a problem with the setup, maybe the flu is harder to recover from than I thought, maybe I´ll have to get used to the new pedals. Maybe I need to get used to riding on a smart trainer instead of a dumb trainer because the difference is huge. Switching gears a lot, anticipating the hills etc. Maybe, maybe, maybe. I´ll figure it out and get better 🙂

Sad panda sucked on Zwift with Tacx Vortex

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