All the promo codes for Zwift items like jerseys etc

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Zwift promo codes for jerseys and items

Here you have all the Zwift promo codes I can find, I keep updating as soon as I find more so make sure you check in regularly for updates. There’s a story behind each code but I won’t bore you with the details and tons of pictures since most people just want the codes. You can look them up if you’d like the full story.

How to enter the Zwift promo codes?

It took me an embarrassing amount of time to figure out that I could simply press the P key while riding on Zwift and enter promo codes to unlock more jerseys. I only had the basic stuff but now I have a lot more to choose from.

Here are all the promo codes I’ve found so far:

  • JAGUAR (expired)
  • rideonwbr (expired)
  • ATOC2015
  • TDP2015
  • GoGCN
  • goinGamba
  • Goskrye
  • sydneycckit
  • goldcoast
  • canberracckit
  • geelongcckit
  • Goalienware
  • Slowtwitch
  • LAVA
  • triathletemag
  • Radavist
  • Gousmes
  • Gowbr
  • GoPearson
  • Gearpatrol
  • VCGHkit
  • MDCCkit

Help me add more!

If you hear about any other Zwift promo codes, please leave a comment so I can add them! I still haven’t seen promo codes for anything else than jerseys but it would be cool to be able to unlock new bikes, rims etc. I guess I´ll just have to keep riding to unlock them 😛

It’s so dark outside right now and depressing to be in Iceland during the dark winter, I think I´ll go home and put on my brightest colored jersey and hope the sun is shining in Zwift. At least riding helps with keeping the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) away. It’s astounding how the 24/7 darkness here up north affects your mood. I wonder if it affects performance as well. You don’t get really depressed, just, like you never fully wake up, and feel sort of melancholy during the day. Thankfully winter solstice is over so the days should be getting longer and brighter soon enough. Plus I´ll be off for a few days in London in late January and again in late February, hopefully I´ll catch a little more sunshine than in Iceland. With my luck it´ll be raining the whole time, but I´ll probably be shopping anyways!

Zwift promo codes for jerseys and items
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  • Gotacx

  • stef

    beerandbike or bikeandbeer can’t remember which for TGIF friday!

    • tk

      bikeandbeer is valid. thanks!

  • Caigan

    goprl for the Prudential Ride London Jersey

  • Caigan

    Found some more 🙂 GoFreeSpeed, GoVision, MGCCKit, TSBikes and WahooFitness

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