About ZwiftRider.com

First of all: We have no affiliation with Zwift, we’re simply users of the game.

We’re husband and wife, 35 years old from Reykjavík, Iceland.

Zwift-dude (husband) has been a hobby cyclist for a few years now. He rides to work most days, even in winter snow storms, on icy roads and when it’s raining. In winter 2014 he got a Cycleops Fluid 2 trainer so he could train indoors on his racer. That went pretty well, but after discovering Zwift in November 2015 things have gotten a little more heated. Now he trains almost every day and loves it! He’s pretty fit and has participated in a few cycling contests here in Iceland.

Zwift-lady (wife) is another story. She has been sick for years with an aggressive type of arthritis that left her almost completely immobile since 2008. For the past 1.5 year she’s been on good medication and is now able to move a lot more. She still can’t walk for more than 30-40 minutes at a time and can’t run or do most exercises, but she CAN RIDE! She finds it painful, but manageable. In early December 2015 (after watching her husband on Zwift) she decided to get a trainer tire for her mountain bike and has gone from 81 FTP and managing to sit on the bike for only 30 minutes, to 170 FTP and doing 70 minutes in just over 3 weeks! Needless to say, she’s very happy with making progress and being able to exercise without a lot of pain.

Right now we only have the Cycleops fluid 2 trainer but have been looking around trying to decide if we should get another one (or two of the same kind) so we won’t have to switch bikes on the trainer all the time.

For this website we plan on posting our progress and stats, post reviews about different trainers as we test them out, and maybe write about some of the Zwift features from a users perspective. For any questions or to reach us, please contact zwiftrider@zwiftrider.com