A few Richmond PR’s and 11 minutes faster!

Zwift training log
Scotty doesn't have the power for Richmond on Zwift

Richmond, I choose you

So, I was really, really, really tired. Sleepy, sluggish .. but I’d promised myself to ride after work and I did. I don’t really like the Richmond track as much as I like Wattopia so I was planning on doing one of the workouts for the FTP builder 6 week program. When I saw it was an hour I figured I could do Richmond in a shorter amount of time and decided to go for a regular ride. Well, as soon as I got on the bike I felt that even if I was sleepy and foggy in my head, my muscles were doing ok so I tried to stay at 150 watts for most of the ride and go faster, maybe 250-300 in the final kilometers if I’d have energy left. I unlocked 3 achievements in the sprints. 600 watts, 700 watts and staying at 500+ for over X many seconds (I was too busy killing myself to notice how long) and it’s safe to say I’m happy with that.

The only way is up

I guess the strategy paid off because besides unlocking the achievements I got 22 PR’s and improved my previous overall time, shaved 11 minutes off it! In the end I had my husband and kids all cheering me on so I totally killed myself in the final kilometer and took a while to recover afterwards. But man, I’m really happy with the results. I don’t know how much I can count on the statistics on Strava, but according to them I’m usually in the top 10-30% of women in my weight class. That makes me proud since I’ve been immobile for the past few years, even to the point where I had to have help getting dressed, washing my hair etc. Yay for modern medicine and yay for Zwift for getting me in better shape!

When you start at the bottom like I did, the only way is up. So every week I’m seeing a huge improvement in strength and endurance. My husband (“Zwift-rider” on the blog) could only dream of being 11 minutes faster on Richmond because he’s already in great shape. It’s pretty funny to see the difference between us and I hope one day I´ll be able to keep up with him. Until then ..

Scotty doesn't have the power for Richmond on Zwift
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